I don’t know whether oil crisis ,the end of cheap oil, is artificial or not, but thanks to this brilliant man, Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla reads a book in his Colorado Springs, Colorado laboratory on December 31, 1899, while several million volts light up the lab.

Modern technology and Tesla Motors came up with this baby…

The Tesla Roadster .

Yea, works with Li-ion batteries…

The Tesla Roadster is a fully electric sports car, and is the first car to be produced by electric car firm Tesla Motors. Tesla claims prototypes have been able to accelerate from 97 km/h in under 4 seconds, and reach a top speed of over 210 km/h. Additionally, the car will be able to travel 356 km on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery. The Roadster’s efficiency is reported as 4.7 mi/kWh!

The cost of this beauty is around 100,000$, but with oil at $100 a barrel and keep going , price is just ok . ECOLOGY RULES!!!!