..Can’t really get why people nowadays, especially youngsters, have always to prove themselves.

Is there an unwritten law, we just ignore?

Take working place for instance, oh yes! Some might say, is an eyeservice or the slave-labour, “god, where are we going to?”

..i hear you say “back to the topic, idiot!”

Case 1 Ok, when in job the story goes like, anytime time you manage an issue not exactly the best way; the all-seeing eye a.k.a. “beloved” colleague or “play it smartie” supervisor comes tell you that…

“you shouldn’t bla bla…” or “if I were you… bla bla…” disguised words, under sardonic smiles.

Yes, please! Acceptable! It might be an exception. Flipping page…

Case 2

Dementia comes naturally when you come to be the best sometime; hey lucky man, you’ve made a good job and you expect at least some good words don’t you?

SUCKER! Instead of “well done, good job”, you are treated tepidly like nothing’s happened or worse “you’ve done it well but still you could…bla bla”

Yes, lucky man indeed! This is what you get! Prove yourself! Catch me if you can!