One of the greatest american film noir directors, Jules Dassin died today at age 97.

Jules Dassin was given birth on 18 December 1911 in Middletown, Connecticut United States. He was one of eight children of a Russian-Jewish immigrant.

He began his cinematographic course as Alfred Hitshcock’s assistant director. He was forced to leave America because of the interventions that he suffered in his work during the period of MaCarthism (blacklisted as a communist). In France he made Rififi, that was nominated for the golden palm (Palme d’Or ) award and won the award for the best director in Cannes Festival in 1955.

In Cannes he also got involved with Melina Merkouri (his great love), a Greek actor and finally connected with a relation of life. From 1974 and afterwards he was moved permanently in Greece (until death) and dealt again with the theatre.

After Melina’s death, he became chairman of Melina Merkouri institution, which was founded for the promotion and creation of the new museum of Citadel and the projection of Greek culture.