May 2008

It’s not the time to be choking on pride!!!

Britain’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 kept tabs on George Orwell for more than two decades but did not believe he was a mainstream Communist, according to records made public today.

In a file released by Britain’s National Archives, Orwell – author of 1984 and Animal Farm – was described by Scotland Yard’s Special Branch as having “advanced communist views.” Special Branch deals with subversive activities.

But these observations were challenged by MI5.

The Security Service, as MI5 is officially known, also did not raise any objections when Orwell – referred to by his real name Eric Blair – was being vetted for a job with the Sunday Observer newspaper at Allied Forces Headquarters during World War II.

A January 1942 report from Special Branch describes Orwell as having “advanced Communist views and several of his Indian friends say that they have often seen him at Communist meetings … He dresses in a bohemian fashion both at his office and in his leisure hours.”

But an MI5 officer wrote: “It is evident from his recent writings – The Lion And The Unicorn – and his contribution to Gollancz’s symposium The Betrayal Of The Left that he does not hold with the Communist Party nor they with him.”

Orwell first came to the attention of the intelligence community when MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service, noted that he apparently offered to work as the Paris correspondent for the Workers Life publication.

Another report from 1942 described Orwell, who fought against Franco in the Spanish civil war in the 1930s, as someone who “has been a bit of an anarchist in his day and in touch with extremist elements.”

It went on to say that he had “undoubtedly strong left-wing views, but he is a long way from orthodox communism.”

What also helped convince the security services were his replies to a questionnaire published in Left magazine. In it, he said that if the Soviet Union survived World War II it would not become dominant and establish its brand of communism over Europe.


George Orwell nowadays R.I.P


Ok it’s a new day without any perspective or challenge.

So, what? Yeah what?

Maybe it’s the way we have grown up…

Always trying to reach utopia.

And then what?


Just a dull job a nice car and a hex wife/husband?

You can answer after the “beeeep”.


If dignity + personality = failure

Then sordidness + big mouth =? (success + progress? )

…too bad for the majority…

reminds something…

Words by raining pleasure.
















Calming down your supervisor can be proved a really tough issue,
especially when he’s immersed into stress (cause this is what’s for).

Excuses like “…i don’t wanna loose my job cause of you…” or “…my god we forgot this or that…” are meant
just to be excuses.

Indeed the guy is a really stressed one.

Yea, i know playing it cool with him, laughing with his shitty jokes or just laughing off makes some good to him.

The problem is when the “zero time” comes our happy happy-friendly atmosphere turns into a bloody nightmare
and all hell breaks loose!!!

Believe it or not the whole thing is psychological terror at its best!

It’s like a strain generator that ends up to the magnificent chernobyl explosion!

Anyway co-operation goes to hell after all this mess.

I’m thinking i have to work with the guy for the next 6 months and get sick cause couldnt even imagine
or think of such a human condition!

After our 3rd quarrel i decided to calm down myself first of all, then my chief with magic phrases like
“…show me the way i’ll do it…” and “…you were right, we all just don’t know…”

So from now on i behave like a numb, avoiding conflicts and “gore”.

But what should i do?

A strain obsession…. ummm… eerrr…

Many thanks for reading.

Just wish me good luck.


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