World’s Smallest Grand Piano made by SEGA Japan.


Very fresh and new, right out of the box, Radiohead’s new work brings in mind their KID A/AMNESIAC era…

A film review I wrote for BUKISA

Davai, davai!

Just finished with this…

It is really not something we’d never seen before,

a rather nihilistic point of view about modern society and its rules.

A film about early lost childhood and broken Barbie dolls.

A small teenage tragedy about young Katya (mostly) and her girlish company…

Russian teenage angst that comes out of the blue as a cheap joke, proving that everything starts behind shut houses’ doors.

You can find out how important a school disco can be for such youngsters that eventually decide to break the common rules and customs.

Small personal revolutions that seem so entirely big…

What really impresses here, is the director herself!

25 years old Valeriya Gai Germanika, copies von Trier’s filming technique (handheld camera) and makes you wonder whether you’re watching Russian cinema or something that just popped out of Dogme95!!!

Surely adds a great amount of realism like that.

Also photography looks pretty nice…!

Although typical, the story is interesting and can keep you till the end, an end where finally the usual all time classic questions about feelings, frienship or betrayal meet.

You can start wondering about what if “this” or “that” and make plot alterations.

Makes you think of your adolescense and past as well.

Makes you wonder if you are (or will be) a truly good parent.

And yes, once again, those are common people like me and you…

But really, if everything is devoured by darkness here, we can still see a light beam in the end.

P.S yes I agree, Nastya is a virago bitch! 🙂


Memories come back in 2004.

Produced in Greece but promoted so poorly, pity…

Yorkshire Sculpture park is set in the grounds of the Bretton Estate Wakefield which was designed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The park is 500 acres ranging from wooded areas to open spaces providing a landscape for modern and contemporary sculptures by artist’s from around the world.